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Maintenance and investments strategies

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Decision support

deligeo helps Operators, Manufacturers and Authorities to define their maintenance and investments strategies.

Our skills:

  • Expertise of links between technical characteristics, financial issues and contractual mechanisms
  • Use of tcoTrees software to calculate total costs of ownership

deligeo offers consulting and engineering services, at all stages of the life of a transport network:

  • Operational organization studies
  • Budgetary and contractual processes
  • Mutli-year investment plan
  • Long-term vision of physical asset management

deligeo also provides support and training for the use of tcoTrees

deligeo publishes the tcoTrees platform.

tcoTrees offers a simple structure to easily calculate cost, investment choice, organization and availability scenarios.

tcoTrees breaks down the complex system into simple trees where the components are clarified:

  • Technical description of the system
  • Life cycles of equipments
  • Operational context

Total Cost of Ownership

During their lifecycle, equipment and infrastructures undergo numerous maintenance operations :

  • Cyclic (preventive checks and maintenances)
  • Random (corrective treatment of failures and accidents)
  • Evolutives (aging)
  • Optional (modernizations, improvements)

We carry out statistical analyzes and propose a mathematical modeling of maintenance and investment costs over the long term.

> Repositories

Our intervention covers all the maintenance processes defined by the NF X 60-000 standard, at any time during the system lifecycle: design, operation-maintenance, renewal and repair.

By establishing a common repository using ISO 55000 asset management standard guidelines, our studies can also be used as decisions support during the entire life cycle of physical assets.

Our calculations and analyzes comply with the principles laid down by standards NF X 50-155 (life cycle cost) and IEC 60300-3-3 (Life cycle costing).

Our fields of intervention

We model maintenance activities for all the components of the transport systems:

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  • Workshops
  • Railway equipment
    Railway equipment
  • Maintenance equipment
    Maintenance equipment
  • Interior fittings
    Interior fittings
  • Signaling & automation
    Signaling & automation
  • Rolling stock
    Rolling stock
  • Civil engineering structures
    Civil engineering structures

Research and Innovation

deligeo has developed its own simulation and modelling tool for maintenance costs and operational availability of transport systems.

For its research and development activities, deligeo is a member of MOV'EO (R & D Mobility and Automotive Competitiveness Cluster) and Telecom Valley (Digital Ecosystem of the French Riviera).